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While everyone has a website and an app nowadays, that is not enough. If you want to increase your reach and your business, robust SEO techniques and strategies are crucial.

    Attract your potential patients with an SEO-optimized and visually appealing website

      Establish your online reputation

        Offer exceptional services to your patients through a personalized telemedicine app

          Targeted digital campaigns to become the best in your niche

          Online Doctor Consultation from the Comfort of Your Home

          Online doctor consultation with the help of a remote patient monitoring telemedicine app helps you focus on more and more target audiences as they will not be required to visit the clinic for any service. Give your audience every reason to come back to you with the help of various telemedicine software platforms and telehealth video platforms prepared with the expertise of the experts at EaseCare.

          Telemedicine Platform

          A Telemedicine Platform is a virtual platform through which doctors and specialists can offer you services and consultation through a video call without having a need for you to visit the clinic physically. It saves a lot of time for healthcare professionals and a lot of time and money for the patients until and unless there is any serious situation.

          Give Patients What They Want

          Getting the point of what exactly your patients want is your key to success. No matter, if you are designing a high-value website or an app for the utmost and instant response to your patients, analyzing the market trend and understanding what your audience expects from the service is important. Get to know what really your patients are expecting from you and how to apply the strongest and most successful strategies with the guidance of our experts

          Seamless Appointments

          Make the first thing-Appointments seamless for them

          Simplifying Payment Process

          Simplify complex things like payment processes for a better patient experience

          Secure Data

          Assuring patients regarding the safety of their data through robust technology


          Offering them the convenience to get products and services at their doorsteps

          Want to know how a telemedicine mobile app will help your clinic?

          telemedicine app for doctors

          Improve Patient Care with EaseCare’s
          Telemedicine Mobile App For Clinics

          Enhance your quality of services with our telemedicine mobile app with its various features to satisfy your patients by offering them various services like telehealth or virtual video for consultation, on-time delivery of healthcare supplies, subscription care plans, and better communication channels for the convenience of your patients

          Offer Telehealth Video Visits

          Subscription plans for patients who want an advanced and quick response

          Asynchronous Text Consultations

          Educate patients with helpful content and custom messages

          Simplify Your Medical
          Practice Management

          Along with the queries of patients, manage appointment booking, healthcare team, billing, and other administration tasks with the help of various telemedicine software platforms with specific features designed for various needs of the clinics

          Make your services more captivating for new

          Instant patient notes and reminders

          Professional profiles for the healthcare professionals of your clinic

          Make billing easy with credits, refunds, and detailed reports

          Want to know more about how EaseCare’s Clinic inventory management system can help you?

          telemedicine app for doctors
          Features of EaseCare’s
          Telemedicine Mobile App

          Let’s explore below why you should consider EaseCare’s Telemedicine Mobile App when it comes to your healthcare needs

          • Efficient Appointment Management
          • E-Prescription
          • Multiple Language Support
          • Secure
          • Regional Clouds
          • 24*7 Support

          While booking an appointment itself feels like a daunting task, at EaseCare, we have the best app for online doctor consultation that not more

          Build Your Own Telemedicine Mobile App For Doctors & Clinics

          Having a dedicated app for your patients helps you keep track of everything without having the stress of going through thousands of documents. Hence, having a dedicated telemedicine mobile app and doctor consultation app removes the need for various tools making it cost-effective, efficient, and productive for you at the same time.

          Here’s why Doctors


          Tops all other appointment scheduling tools. Simple and sleek without any clutter.

          Dr. Sandeep Dathik

          Orthopedic Surgeon

          We've been using Easemypractice for our clinic's Electronic Health Records, and it has truly streamlined our workflow. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for our doctors to access and update patient records efficiently.

          Dr. Vipin Mehra

          M.D. Physician

          Clarity has truly streamlined my clinic management workflow. Its intuitive interface and robust features make it a must-have tool for anyone looking to stay organized and efficient.

          Dr. Shantanu Patil


          Tops all other appointment scheduling tools. Simple and sleek without any clutter.

          Dr. Sandeep Dathik

          Orthopedic Surgeon

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