What is the Most Commonly Used Appointment Scheduling Method?

There are various types of scheduling methods, some of them are as follows

Time-Slot Scheduling

     A fixed time is allocated to each patien

    Wave Scheduling

      Taking groups of patients for each slot of time

      Cluster Scheduling

        Allocating consecutive appointments for patients with similar service needs

        Matrix Scheduling

          Focusing on factors like provider availability, and patient preferences for scheduling appointments

          Open Appointment Scheduling

            Giving the patients the flexibility to choose a time slot according to their convenience

            40/20 Scheduling

              Giving more time like 40 minutes to new patients and 20 minutes for follow-up visits

              Want to make it more productive? Here is how you can do it

              patient appointment scheduling software

              Discover the Easiest Way for Doctors to Schedule Patient Appointments With the #1 Online Booking System

              Save your time with an all-in-one appointment booking software and the facilities of automating payments, business management, marketing, and many more to unlock the success of your medical practice.

              Book Appointments Anytime, Anywhere!

              Book appointments anytime, anywhere no matter if you are traveling to your clinic or having a conversation with your colleagues, because the EaseCare clarity appointment software makes you book appointments within seconds.

              Say Goodbye to Manual
              Appointment Scheduling

              Efficient Self-Scheduling

              EaseCare’s software offers glitch-free scheduling for increased efficiency. Patients get the convenience of booking appointments anytime, anywhere through an automated process

              Automated Reminders and Conflict Avoidance

              The software automates appointment reminders which helps you reduce no-shows and not miss even a single patient

              Integrated Patient Profiles and EHR Access

              EaseCare’s patient appointment scheduling software allows you to integrate Electronic Health Records (EHR) with any in-house system

              Efficient Record Keeping

              Keep even small records of your patients ready with EaseCare’s patient appointment scheduling software.

              What Are the Examples of Patient Scheduling

              There are various types of scheduling methods, some of them are as follows

              Prioritizing appointments according to their urgency

                Patient recalls

                  Appointment Reminders

                    Book appointment

                      Confirm the appointment with a call or email

                        Streamlining patient appointments & many more

                          Easy, Error-free Patient Appointment Scheduling CRM

                            The patient scheduling software of EaseCare works as CRM software where you can check all the history and other detailed information about your patients and staff members along with the facility to streamline various tasks.

                            Seamless Integration of EHR and in-House Systems

                              Electronic Health Records (EHR) is a useful advanced technology to keep a record of each and every data of your patients which you can share among various medical settings. At EaseCare, our patient appointment scheduling software is capable of seamlessly integrating the EHR and your in-house system which drastically enhances workflow and productivity.

                              Focus on What Matters Most – Your Patients!

                                If you want to become a successful name in the healthcare industry, making your patients realize that you care for them is a must. Make sure that your patients feel heard, listened and cared for with the best services with the most advanced solutions with EaseCare

                                EaseCare’s patient appointment scheduling software will help you at its best to improve your practice

                                patient appointment scheduling software
                                Benefits of EaseCare Patient
                                Appointment Scheduling Software

                                Patient appointment scheduling software has a number of features. It will help you out from providing personalized services to your customers to billing, it has a number of benefits. Following are some of the notable benefits of EaseCare’s patient appointment scheduling software

                                • Efficient Time Management
                                • Convenience of booking
                                • Effective Communication
                                • Personalized Patient Care

                                The starting point of your business and image is successful appointments. EaseCare’s scheduling software helps you in efficient time managem...read more

                                Why Look for a Medical Appointment
                                Scheduling Software?

                                Insurance Eligibility Verification

                                Get to know the insurance coverage of the patients to serve them services accordingly whether it is on-demand verification for on-the-spot checks or run batches.

                                Timely Appointment Reminders

                                Don’t lose a single patient who could turn into your regular customer with timely appointment reminders that will reduce no-shows

                                Quick Patient Summary

                                Get to know the patient quickly directly with the help of the calendar with information like contact information, clinical notes & appointment type & duration

                                Color Code Views

                                Identify the urgency and status of the appointments with various color codes.

                                Quick-add Functions

                                Check available time slots while checking the appointment histories along with scheduling them, all in one place

                                Recurring Appointments

                                Save your time by automating recurring appointments by adjusting them into a series

                                Benefits of Patient Scheduling
                                Software for Healthcare Professionals

                                Improved Patient Satisfaction

                                By automating the appointments, patient scheduling software reduces the wait times of patients increasing patient satisfaction.

                                Enhanced Efficiency and Schedule Utilization

                                With automated tools and tasks, healthcare professionals can utilize their time more effectively


                                While one single software is capable of automating various tasks, it reduces the need for various tools, equipment, and human resources, cutting down a big cost.

                                Secure and Organized Patient Data

                                Patient data is a non-negotiable thing for healthcare professionals. Patient appointment scheduling software helps doctors to organize patient data

                                Benefits of Patient Scheduling
                                Software for Patients

                                Convenience and Accessibility

                                Patients don’t have to invest their time and money only in scheduling appointments when they can do it online at any time

                                Reduced Wait Times

                                Efficient scheduling only focuses on the proper time available for slots and thus, patients don’t have to wait longer when they reach the appointment location

                                Consistent Experience

                                Online scheduling offers consistent convenience for patients making them utilize their time and money efficiently

                                Trustable Billing and Payment Processes

                                Billing and payment is one of the most sensitive and concerning things for patients. Offer your patients secure billing and win their trust

                                While patient appointment scheduling software is profitable both for you and your patients.

                                patient appointment scheduling software

                                Features of EaseCare Appointment Scheduling Software

                                Compelling Booking Page

                                  EaseCare is able to prioritize our customers by offering them personalized services. Book your appointment with a compelling booking page that is not only visually appealing but much more convenient, easy, and feasible.

                                  Automated Reminders

                                    While we strive to achieve more to offer our patients the best services, we ensure that the same is delivered to you timely so that you can get the optimum benefits of all the services. Get instant automatic notifications and reminders for your appointments along with other updates.

                                    Canceling and Rescheduling

                                      Offering flexibility to our patients is our foremost goal. Easily reschedule your appointment with the EaseCare app whenever you are unable to appear in the previous one.

                                      Tele Meetings

                                        Don’t have the time to visit the medical setting physically or just don’t like it? We respect your preference. Connect with our experts through video meetings that will be totally personalized and elaborate sessions to give you  100% satisfaction regarding the resolution to your problem

                                        Payment Options

                                          We know that all people are comfortable with different payment platforms and methods and we completely understand your choices. Make safe and seamless payments whenever you take a service

                                          Integration with Other Software

                                            For a seamless experience and to stay updated about what is going on through all the aspects of your business, you can integrate this software with other software like CRM

                                            Patient Scheduling Software That's Easy to Set Up

                                            Multi-Location Support

                                            Having multiple clinics across various locations? Manage them all by giving them a central stage on our EaseCare patient appointment scheduling software with the facilities of categorization. Assign doctors, and services and connect with us anytime for further assistance

                                            Virtual Consultations

                                            Switching between various platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, MS Teams, and EaseCare Meet can be confusing and irritating. Our software integrates all these platforms in one place to make sure that your journey of connecting with your patients is seamless

                                            Personalized Sessions

                                            our motive is to provide you with services of the utmost quality. While we value each and every patient, we focus on your personalized sessions with our expert healthcare professionals to get the solution to your health issue as soon as possible

                                            Comprehensive Analysis

                                            EaseCare Appointment Scheduling software allows you to analyze your whole practice and performance in an extensive way. With elaborative reports, you can analyze which locations have more traffic, which of your services are being liked more by the patients, and many more things.

                                            Here’s why Doctors


                                            Tops all other appointment scheduling tools. Simple and sleek without any clutter.

                                            Dr. Sandeep Dathik

                                            Orthopedic Surgeon

                                            We've been using Easemypractice for our clinic's Electronic Health Records, and it has truly streamlined our workflow. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for our doctors to access and update patient records efficiently.

                                            Dr. Vipin Mehra

                                            M.D. Physician

                                            Clarity has truly streamlined my clinic management workflow. Its intuitive interface and robust features make it a must-have tool for anyone looking to stay organized and efficient.

                                            Dr. Shantanu Patil


                                            Tops all other appointment scheduling tools. Simple and sleek without any clutter.

                                            Dr. Sandeep Dathik

                                            Orthopedic Surgeon

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