Benefits of EHR System

Improved Patient Care

    While EHR offers healthcare professionals the facility to access all the patient history easily, it adds the advantage of continuing all the medical processes with precision, improving overall patient care

    Increased Efficiency

      EHR-EMR software is used for multifaceted purposes like managing patient records, and reducing the time and effort to enter, retrieve, and share information resulting in increasing the overall efficiency

      Improved Patient Engagement

        Through good electronic medical health records software, patients can easily access all their information and thus, they can be able to provide themselves with proper care even after getting discharged from the medical setting

        Enhanced Privacy and Security

          A good electronic medical records software focuses on patient privacy and security, making the patients tension-free about whether their information will be shared with any third party

          Cost Savings

            As medical EMR software streamlines various tasks, it reduces the need to take various tools and the need for large manpower, making healthcare practitioners save a big amount

            Efficient Storage

              While you will come across thousands of patients in your clinic, you don’t need to get tensed over how you will manage all the data when you have cloud-based EHR software

              Are you looking for an EHR/EMR software for managing patient data?

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              EHR Software Features

              Comprehensive Patient Charts and Records

              Along with providing a comprehensive overview of the overall condition and information of the patient, some EMR medical records software can also allow physicians to make personalized templates for each patient to improve care and performance

              Patient Portal

              Some of the electronic medical health records software also have a web portal from where the patients can get all their information along with clarifying all their queries

              Generating Support Documentation

              Some good medical EHR software can generate clinical documentation like individual healthcare plans, guidelines, protocols, etc

              Processing Claims

              Electronic health records software is also a good way to check how your organization is doing in the healthcare sector. It keeps track of the feedback received from your prior patients and focuses on improving the services to work more closely on the prestige of your organization

              What is an EMR System

              Electronic Medical Records, commonly known as EMR systems are digital systems that are used to store patient data like treatment and diagnosis information that can be utilized during the treatment process in a single organization. This data can not be shared with other healthcare organizations

              Complete Overview

              Keep records of each and every single detail of your patients to increase the efficiency and performance of your services during the diagnosis and treatment

              Fully Customizable

              No matter if your clinic is small or you have a large healthcare organization, our EMR system will be one of the best tools you have taken for your organization

              Customizable Templates

              Make it more attractive and interesting for your patients through customizable templates no matter if it is an appointment or prescription

              Growth Charts

              Measure the success with built-in growth charts specifically for each of your patients

              Prescription Printout

              Offer your patients with colorful and designed printed prescriptions

              Follow Up Reminders

              Keep your patients informed about their next appointments with customizable follow-up reminders

              EMR vs. EHR: What's the Difference?

              Electronic Medical Records are also the digitalized form of all the information of the patient but it is more specific that can be utilized within a specific medical setting. The main purpose of EMR is to focus on diagnosis and treatment only. The EMR data can not be shared from one medical setting to another


              • EHR includes a lot of information about the patient along with the information covered under EMR
              • EHR facilitates the sharing of patient information with other healthcare providers like laboratories, pharmacists, and other healthcare providers.
              • EHR systems require more stringent requirements like those which are underlined by the HIPAA in the US.
              • EHR covers a wide area of patient data, from the medical history of the patients, medications, treatment plans, immunization dates, and allergies to radiology images, and laboratory test results


              • EMR refers to the digital patient records and charts of the patients
              • EMR data is limited and doesn’t facilitate sharing patient data with other healthcare providers and medical settings. It can be only used by the current healthcare provider of a patient
              • EMRs run on the regulations of medical recordkeeping and data security
              • EMR contains the medical and treatment history so that it can be used during the diagnosis and treatment within a single organization
              Types of Electronic Health
              Records Systems

              To facilitate hospitals, clinics, and private practitioners, there are various types of electronic medical health records software

              • Physician-Hosted System
              • Subsidized Remote System
              • Dedicated remote system
              • Cloud remote system

              Particularly designed for physicians, there will be a need for the physician to purchase all the necessary hardware and software himself more

              Want to know which EMR system is best for your organization

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              Finding the Best Electronic Medical
              Records Software In India

              Let’s find out how to get the best electronic medical records software in India through the following tips


              Normally, the more robust is the software, the longer it will take to be implemented. So it is important to make sure that you give your team extensive training. Cloud-based medical EMR software is likely easy to implement but still also requires practice

              Privacy and Security

              Privacy and security risks are becoming more common along with the facilities the digital world is providing us. But, the good news is that robust EMR medical records software includes robust security measures. they are mitigating security and privacy risks

              Looking For Certified Medical EHR Software

              Looking for certified medical EHR software should be your first priority as an organization to stay compliant with the industry regulations and be authoritative. According to the federal EHR incentive payments under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), these systems are certified. The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) also registers the software

              Looking for the Features

              Looking for the features is important when you are finding the best medical EMR software for your organization. Access your requirements and check if the software you are going to buy is compatible or not accordingly

              Benefits of Using EMR EHR Software for Patient and Clinic Management

              Extensive Patient Profile

              With our EHR-EMR software, you don’t need to waste hours going through patient files. Seamlessly create specific patient profiles and improve your healthcare services

              Monitoring Diagnostic Reports

              Seamless review and monitor diagnostic reports without any clutter that will help you provide better services to your patients

              Pharmacy Order Management

              EaseCare’s EHR EMR goes beyond just keeping the records of your patients. Manage your pharmacy to make sure that everything is in stock so that you don’t have to hustle at the last minute

              Easy Medication Administration

              With EaseCare’s EHR EMR software patients can easily track their medication intake information

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              Tops all other appointment scheduling tools. Simple and sleek without any clutter.

              Dr. Sandeep Dathik

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